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The Struggle to Promote A Business Online

You see, about three years ago I found myself becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the web design platforms that my website was built and maintained on.

I was dissatisfied for two big reasons.

Firstly, the sites they built really didn't have business in mind. I found most web design platforms are more focused on making websites look pretty than helping the sites generate clients and make money. That was certainly true when speaking to my former web designers; we had to put up with limited and expensive platforms.

Another thing, when you run a business, website changes need to be made quickly, because time really is money. This is especially true when you sell things online and you need to make a price change or add a new product to your inventory.

Unfortunately for most business-owners, getting changes made quickly just isn't a possibility. The upshot was, I was losing business, and that was affecting my revenue and profits in a big way.

Sometimes (to not put too fine a point on it) I went up the wall with frustration.

Now we have built a system that allows both web designers and business owners to make changes instantly.

Solving The Web Marketing Problem

After looking around for a reliable system to run my e-commerce website off I came across a real problem, because I found the web design software that did everything I needed just didn't exist.

I needed effective website design, and I also needed a way to communicate with my prospects, put offers to them, and make sales. To create a system like that I'd have to stitch elements together from different companies and it still wouldn't give me a way to make changes to my websites easily and quickly.

In the end, I could see there was only one thing to do, and that was to build my own system from the ground up. It would need to be a system based on real-world marketing knowledge and techniques, strategies proven to sell online effectively.

So that's what I did.

I hired the best team of computer programmers and web designers I could find, told them what I needed, and they went to work.

It was a hard slog, because there's so much you need to think about to create an effective online marketing system, and making sure all the different pieces fitted together seamlessly was a real challenge. In fact it took three years of solid development, (over 11,000 hours of programming time), and two full years of rigorous testing before the system reached the high standards I'd set for it.

Real-World Business Profits

It was worth it, though, because as soon as I saw the finished system I knew it was something very special. There really is nothing like it on the market, and when I put it to work on my businesses, the results speak for themselves.

Bizinka transformed website designs in minutes, changed text and images in seconds, and kept every bit of crucial information up to date. It also communicated with customers by email and SMS, and organised customer details in a high-powered customer relationship management (CRM) system. As for selling physical goods, it handled everything, including order processing, taking payments, and tracking order fulfilment.

Even better, the system gave me everything I needed to run my online activities from one place, and made my businesses far more profitable.

Just one of my businesses went from £355,000 to £1,262,442 a year turnover in only two years - a 338% increase.

The Secret Gets Out

As soon as I saw how easily the system added revenue and profits, I made it available to a small number of other businesses so they could experience the benefits as well, and I could test the system with other business types and make improvements.

The results were overwhelmingly positive. In fact one user said, "it single handedly restored order to our online business" - and that's when I decided to make it generally available to other businesses, and named it the Bizinka Business System.

From listening to those who tested Bizinka, I found it's a common experience to be frustrated by the systems e-commerce websites are built on, and so I was pretty sure other business-owners and web designers would appreciate what the system could do for them. After all, why would anyone want to carry on suffering when there was a solution?

I also realised the system would be perfect for not just web designers but also businesses which hadn't even built a website yet, because they could do their web marketing in the right way from the start instead of learning the hard way through lost sales and revenue.

Since then the Bizinka system has proved itself time and again by building highly-profitable online marketing systems for successful businesses, selling everything from industrial chemicals, edible printing, and even Wellington boots. And all the time the system is being improved based on feedback from the users and web design firms who operate on our platform, making it even more effective.

I freed myself from dealing with cheap and useless websites as well as expensive and complicated web design platforms. I built my own alternative - and my business has never been in better shape. Now I'm inviting you to do the same.

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