Bizinka 4.0 Features

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Bizinka CMS Dashboard

The centre of your Bizinka Business System experience - here you can catch up with all the latest updates, view your daily statistics and access the other areas of the System.

Bizinka CMS Shop Manager
Shop Manager

Create products, unlimited web pages and categories to organise it all. You'll be able to manage your suppliers and special offers such as discounted products and codes from here.

Bizinka CMS E-Mail Manager
E-Mail Manager

Create custom e-mails, send them out to individuals or schedule them to a group of customers. Also in this section is our prized Autoresponder, allowing you to map out entire e-mail campaigns and opt-ins from a mouse click.

Bizinka CMS Settings and Preferences
Settings / Preferences

Customise the front end of your website and tailor individual settings in the Bizinka Business System.

Bizinka CMS Blog Management
Blog Management

Create, organise and deploy Blog Entries on your site's very own Blog section. Easily moderate, show or hide user comments.

Bizinka CMS Appearance

Upload graphics, edit home page text and control the entire colour and layout of your site without any HTML knowledge; simply select from our range of specifically built themes and templates.

Bizinka CMS Customer Relationship Manager
Customer Relationship Manager

Schedule responses to customer enquries and follow up to any and all interactions a customer may have on your site.

Bizinka CMS Administration

Adminstrate and export all your Orders, Quotes and Proformas, as well as view real time statistics regarding your site.

Bizinka CMS Website Statistics
Website Statistics

View statistics and data regarding your site, including the ability to plugin your own Google Analytics account details and read the information here.

Bizinka CMS E-Mail Autoresponder
E-Mail Autoresponder

Create custom e-mail marketing campaigns and sales funnel pages. Market to either a selection or your entire customer base and trace the results.

What Technology do we use?
What do we use?

When creating the Bizinka Business System, our team of developers and designers researched a lot of the wonderful web technologies and frameworks out there, choosing the ones that we felt were the most applicable to the task at hand. We're always researching and implementing new ideas to the make the system even more powerful and flexible.

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Microsoft® ASP.NET MVC

ASP.NET MVC allows for the quick development of full-scale, robust and easily maintainable web applications. Completely flexible, pluggable and testable, this is the main framework that makes our sites - and yours - work.

Microsoft .NET Framework
Microsoft® .NET Framework

The .NET Platform is the underlying technology of ASP.NET MVC and provides access to a large body of solutions and a unified software-based approach to running applications rather than hardware.

Microsoft SQL Server 2008
Microsoft® SQL Server 2008

All our data storage needs are taken care of by SQL Server 2008.

Javascript and jQuery
Javascript / jQuery

We write all our front end effects, and some other handy bits and pieces in a mix of Javascript and the fantastic library, jQuery. We're currently using these two languages to develop an interactive tutorial for the Bizinka Business System - coming soon!

Amazon Web Services
Amazon Web Services

We were an early investor in Cloud based solutions, all of our static content is delivered through the fast and secure Amazon S3 Service.

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