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The Bizinka Webinar

Ever heard of a webinar? Well, webinars are interactive online demonstrations where members of our Bizinka team will host online demonstrations and discussions that you can take part in, and the best part is that its hosted online meaning that you can join in with one of our webinars even on your day off. If you are interested in taking part in one of our webinars, simply fill in the form at the bottom of this page and select which day and time will best suit you.

The Bizinka system currently houses 7 sections, each containing a massive collection of features to benefit you and your online business. These 7 sections are:

Bizinka CMS Dashboard

The Dashboard. Your first port of call, containing your recent website activity, newsboard and system status.

Bizinka CMS Appearance

Appearance. Giving you multiple designs options to take full control of your website's theme and appearance.

Bizinka CMS Shop Manager

Shop Manager. Fully control your online shop; from products, suppliers to categories. You are in control.

Bizinka CMS Customer Relationship Manager

CRM. Bulid and maintain relationships with your customers. This section keeps all their information in one place.

Bizinka CMS E-Mail Manager

E-Mail Manager. Send out E-Mails, schedule E-Mails or set-up Autoresponder campaigns to increase your reach.

Bizinka CMS Administration

Administration. Keeps your information in one place for ease of access, such as orders, users and stats.

Bizinka CMS Settings and Preferences

Settings. Customise your system so that's easier for you to navigate. Remember you're the one in control.

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We are constantly adding new features to the system, we have recently added in some additional features so that you can reach out to more customers and help bulid relationships.

Bizinka CMS E-Mail Autoresponder

New   Our E-Mail Autoresponder allows you to intialise E-Mail campaigns and automated E-Mails.

Bizinka CMS Website Statistics

New   Keep track of all the major statistics of your website in our new Website Statistics Section.

Bizinka CMS Blog Management

New   We have now bulit in a Blogging Platform, meaning you now have your very own blog for your site.

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